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Is this the new American PlayStation Home Central Plaza?

March 9th, 2011 | 28 comments

We’ve heard before that the American PlayStation Home will be getting a Central Plaza makeover, just like the European version of Home did last year.

However, it appears in a recent PlayStation survey, these concept art images were shown as a potential design for the Central Plaza’s next iteration, interestingly taking an indoor Central Plaza merged with Shopping Area approach.

In the concept art you can see avatars wearing some items that have only recently being released, some posters actually from inside Home and even the Cogs mini-game that hasn’t been released yet but is expected to be arriving in the near future.

But, as this is part of a survey, we assume PlayStation are after your thoughts about whether this is a step in the right direction before they actually build this.

What do you think?

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle



    I am simply mixed. I am questioning why they chose to show this concept first. But, then again, I also have questioned why they claim Home has a strict ESRB rating of "E" when they promote things and show videos that violate that rating.


    Atop of wishing they would have upgraded the IREM and Disgaea areas, as well as include more of the content they have for sale, this was also one of those things I wish they would upgrade. Simply because the current one has always felt like a joke.

    If you compare it to the one in Japan, it is too cramped. You cannot do anything beyond being harassed by guys who choose to do nothing but talk to anything that looks female, dance on a "dance zone" that does not look good and does not have good music (sorry, but the music is too generic), and stand on a bench (it is the ONLY thing I will miss).

    However, if they go with this direction, I will hope they will make it a dual-level. That way, there can be a "subway train" that connects to the other areas they have to offer below… And connect to places like the "gamer lounge," "mall," "theater," and other non-theme specific locations on the upper level.

    I would like to see more. Maybe even see if it leads to an outdoor section. But despite that, any major changes are currently a welcome to me as long as they do not make it bland, boring, and cramped like the current one feels.

    • Cubehouse

      For a lot of "violent content" in Home, it's filtered out for various users. Eg. Germany is unable to access any space that is rating 18. And it will be rated 18 if the game it's based on is rated 18.

      • KUMA-NIN

        Here is the thing. I am not talking about "violent content" but rather content that does violate the ESRB rating they claim that the United States/North American server upholds. Something that is not said in the Terms of Service or User Agreement. Their reason? One being that kids lie about their age, even though the mods are supposed to remove them. And the other is what the mod told me, they can do whatever they want – Even if it means not sending a warning email that was supposed to be sent.

        I discussed this with a moderator in regards to being suspended without any prior warnings. It was due to me using "strong language" and it is not permitted. However, if you watch "The Tester," which was both promoted in the mall and main theater lobby, you will see that the same profanity they prohibit, even though it is censored, is also shown being said by the cast. And is being said in a public domain, not just in the theater they would show the series.

        However, atop of this lobby change, I think you have the solution for them. Namely, have a toned down "E" version for sub-accounts and a "T" version for those who are allowed to have main accounts. That way, if this turns into the next lobby, we might have a chance for a "Dawn of the Dead" themed event come our way… Instead of the last one we got stuck with.


    Well, It looks Cool, But UK home is not gunna get a Plaza Make over, tHEY GOT THERE MAKE over last YEAR,

  • crazyman047

    stop hating on the U.S its not ur falt that we get better stuff and about damm time for a new mall or plaza ,